Can there be an iphone app which is able to distinguish trees and shrubs

Can you mail me a pair much more photos – 1 from a distance of the complete plant, one of a entire leaf and 1 of a branch.

With any luck , these photographs will level me in a good path. Also, will you explain the flower?I rescued this plant from an deserted home. It was almost lifeless in a pot on the porch.

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I have no concept how large it receives or how to care for it I have searched and searched for identification. It bloomed mid Could. It begun with these small reddish balls that opened into genuinely fairly.

very modest purple bouquets that at some point convert into little yellow balls. It has spherical thick stem with oval smooth leathery leaves. Variety of like a succulent . Joannah, It is Talinum paniculatum, Jewels of Opar.

Inflorescence form

It is a quick lived annual. The tiny balls will transform brown and drop seeds which will arrive up the following year or you could preserve the seed and sow it outdoor in early spring. I have a magnificent houseplant I would like to detect! Is there anyplace that I could send an graphic ?House Plant Identification. A even though back again I was requested to create a post determining all plant pest and disease identification my house vegetation, so below it is! It is really a little too much to handle to see them all in one put.

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I may possibly be a insane plant woman. It doesn’t seem like I have so lots of when they are spread out about the house! (By the way, this is how I preserve them alive.

)1. aloe two. christmas cactus three. philodendron 4. snake plant 5.

donkey’s tail plant six. lemon lime plant 7.

begonia eight. silver philodendron nine. string of bananas plant ten. jade 11. angle wing begonia twelve. swiss cheese plant thirteen. z plant fourteen. chinese money plant.

48 feedback. It just kills me that I won’t be able to retain plants about my property. My cats will devour them, and it is really not really worth the A) revenue and B) asking yourself what I will obtain on the floor when I get house. Lucky you, your plants are gorgeous!Mix up a tiny sizzling sauce and h2o in a spray bottle and spray your plants.

Cats will leave them alone. Your Donkey’s Tail plant… it is tremendous fragile, correct? Do you hang it to maintain it out of harm’s way? Have you ever correctly grown new crops from the fallen “leaves”?Yes, it is fragile. I have it on the espresso table, and any time it will get bumped it loses a couple of leaves. I have had it about a calendar year now and no plants have grown from the fallen leaves, which will make me unfortunate! I constantly tuck them into the dust hoping for new sprouts. I imagine it may well not be receiving very plenty of sunlight. Do you have a donkey tail plant way too?Oh my of course! New crops will sprout and root. Burros tail is fragile but I continually start off new pots to give away. I do! And I normally tuck in my leaves as well, but nothing at all grows… I have mine in a recessed element of the credenza, and the slightest budge breaks leaves-and my heart. I would appreciate to have additional of these minor plants (to give to close friends or continue to keep myself), but I have yet to have it transpire. I also have a Christmas Cactus and it presents me the hardest time. Can you inform me: How a lot water and sunlight to you give this plant-like really? If you experienced to set a amount to it all, what would you say?I imagine the response for Christmas cactus is benign neglect! I have a six year previous Xmas cactus that is large – it fills a 10 inch pot that has the self-watering base. The leaves truly spans about 16″ frm facet to aspect. I spray the leaves with the hose and fill the bottom reservoir about the moment each two months and then I overlook it. As very long as the leaves continue being healthier seeking, I will not h2o any extra. Fewer appears to be more. It thrives in a vivid but shaded part of my lined patio (east going through but out of immediate solar) until the weather conditions drops into the 30s or the buds are completely ready to open up.

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